Super Autonomous Inflow Control Device (S-AICD)
The most advanced technology for water/gas control in horizontal wells

At Floway, we value innovation most of all to deliver superior results.  Every Floway design is based on exclusive patented technologies.

By employing our patented sensor path design combined with a unique Viscosity Sensitive Disc, Floway is able to sense 1cP variations in fluid viscosity.  Disconnecting the sensor and production paths means the tool is constantly monitoring the fluid present and will re-open should the unwanted fluid recede.  This arrangement provides true “on/off” functionality, which leads to better completion performance.

Greater sensitivity combined with higher flow potential leads to large improvements in completion design and performance.  The Floway S-AICD is able to handle greater reservoir uncertainty without compromising wellbore performance.  In addition, the true “on/off” function restricts water/gas production at levels approaching 95.  This ability enables Floway to set the restriction water cut – essentially allowing the Operator to determine at what water cut the tool closes, which greatly benefits heavier oil reservoirs.

Innovative structure

After many design iterations, the Super-AICD has been tuned for high performance and reliability.  Design changes to optimize the tool for well-specific requirements is common.

Design elegance

At Floway, we know every detail is important!!  From material selection to tolerance control, from performance testing to mimic harsh downhole conditions, we not only deliver a product that works, but also make a premium product to bring significant financial uplift to your operations.

Innovative design

All designs are patent protected, they feature an interchangeable disc that is sensitive to fluid viscosity, a simple thus reliable design that enable it to work effectively even when oil and water have similar physical properties.