The super AICD can be easily customized to meet the fluid specs of specific well, providing more accurate fit to the well conditions, yielding better performance.
  • World class engineering team

    Floway's world class engineering team for both research and development of the inflow control tools,  The team has an average experience of 15+ years.
  • Premium tool that you can afford

    The Floway super AICD can reduce water production by 95%,which is a substantial improvement compared with the peers on the market. Also, our tool is more reliable and affordable than the traditional smart well.
  • The most advanced technology

    Our current products are based on Floway's issued and pending patent, with high performance and reliability.

The Super Autonomous Inflow Control Device

With the mission of helping customers handle water and gas breakthrough issues, we developed the Super-AICD, which is based on our latest proprietary technology.  The tool is able to reduce unwanted fluid production by up to 95% due to its sensitive and robust sensor, which is able to differentiate fluids with very similar viscosities.

Super AICD

The Floway Super-AICD can reduce water production in oil wells by up to 95%, significantly more than competing products.

Customized design

The Super-AICD is easily optimized to match the specific fluid properties of your well, which more accurately manages wellbore conditions, giving improved performance.

Intellectual Property 

Floway products are fully protected by issued patents in various countries.  Expanded protection with new filings is also in process.

The ideal solution

Floway Super-AICD is the ideal solution when you need to ensure your completion is reliable, greatly reduces unwanted fluid production, can more accurately discern between wanted and unwanted fluids, and is safe and more environmentally friendly.